Agility and Compliance

Automotive company achieves a 30% acceleration in the process of downloading, reconciling
and notifying the regulatory documentation of vehicles.

The client is a Colombian company dedicated to the automotive sector, one of the main companies in the market, with more than 70 service points distributed in different cities.

Need to solve

In Colombia, the government requires vehicle owners to periodically undergo a technical inspection of their vehicles to control the emission of polluting gases and the correct mechanical and safety operation. It was necessary to automate the process of receiving a vehicle, which begins with the registration of vehicle information. To do this, it is necessary to download a report from the city government's website and attach it as part of the documentation to obtain the inspection certificate.

The solution

A robot was developed in STELA to retrieve vehicle information from the RUNT website, the platform that centralizes traffic and transportation data in Colombia. From there, it searches for the record and downloads it as a PDF file, then uploads it as an attachment to its ERP system to complete the process. The robot implemented with STELA is part of the customer experience, so response times cycle cannot move to the next stage until the information is obtained and available in the ERP. In order to guarantee response times, the customer arranged for 5 robots to run simultaneously to resolve approximately 7,000 cases per month.

The results

The entire process was accelerated by 20%, improving the customer experience. Approximately 30 hours per week are saved, allowing staff to focus on other processes that are not yet automated. In return, the customer realized a monthly reduction of more than 80% in overtime costs, as no administrative staff was needed on holidays and weekends to perform the processes automated by STELA.

New challenges

The customer is currently in the process of implementing the automation of information upload processes from the ERP system to the application of the insurance company by the customer. This process will be implemented for the largest insurance company in the market and will be launched soon, and then the focus will be on implementing the robots for connection with three other insurance companies.

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