STELA and GPT: An RPA robot that analyzes complex documents and makes intelligent decisions.

STELA integrates GPT technology from OpenAi to enable the construction of intelligent RPA robots
What is GPT and how does GPT work with STELA?

GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an artificial intelligence technology developed by OpenAI that is designed to understand and generate text in a sophisticated way. By combining GPT with STELA, our RPA robots can now process and analyze unstructured documents such as contracts, reports, emails, and more, extract relevant information, and make informed decisions in real time.

Benefits of STELA’s new integration with GPT

Advanced document analysis

STELA robots powered by GPT can read and understand the content of complex documents. This includes identifying key issues, extracting critical data, and interpreting context to provide detailed and accurate analysis.

Intelligent decision making

With the ability to process unstructured information, STELA‘s RPA robots can make decisions based on complex data. This means they can assess risks, identify opportunities, and perform automated actions that previously required human judgment.

Reduce errors and increase efficiency

Integrating GPT significantly reduces the margin of error when interpreting documents and making decisions. This not only improves accuracy, but also increases operational efficiency, allowing companies to optimize resources and focus on strategic tasks.

Adaptability to different industries

STELA‘s ability to analyze documents and make decisions is applicable to a wide range of industries. From banking and finance to commerce and law, our solution offers tangible benefits to any sector that deals with large volumes of unstructured information.


Relevant Use Cases

Legal Contract Management

STELA‘s RPA robots can review legal contracts, identify critical clauses, assess compliance, and make decisions about approvals or negotiations, all without direct human intervention.

Financial Risk Assessment

In the financial sector, STELA can analyze credit reports, balance sheets, and other financial documents to provide risk assessments and recommendations for action.

Insurance claims processing

In the insurance industry, our robots can analyze claims, verify information, and make decisions about approval or rejection, improving the speed and accuracy of processing.

E-commerce customer service

In e-commerce, robots can analyze the text of user requests and identify key elements that enable a quick and accurate response to inquiries, complaints, or support requests, improving customer satisfaction and reducing response time.


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