Automation made simple

STELA is the zero code tool that simplifies software automation.

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It is the most user-friendly test automation tool. With an intuitive graphical interface and no coding knowledge required, it can be used by any profile. It empowers QA teams, providing clear and actionable evidence and reports for fast bug fixes.


Multiplies work capacity with a fast learning curve. Can run on device farms in the cloud.


65% time and money savings over manual testing


Increase the speed of software development and delivery by adopting DevOps.

One tool, multiple platforms

Mobile applications
Desktop applications
Web applications
Oracle forms applications
Legacy systems
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STELA helps companies to go to market faster with software solutions that respond to customer demands and the digital needs of businesses.

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24/7 Testing
Boost the amount and scope of testing.
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Works with CI/CD engines like Azure DevOps, Jenkins and many others.
Artificial vision
When the application changes, STELA AI automatically adapts the automation to the new conditions.
Reusable automations
Reuse automations and simplify the creation of new cases or regression tests


It is the simplest process automation tool to use. It creates digital robots that perform repetitive business tasks and allow people to have more time for strategic business activities.


Functional profiles without coding skills can also automate.


Streamlined and cost-effective processes, with higher and faster return on investment.


Browser plugin that recognizes web interface elements with which the robot must interact.

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Interaction with XLS, DOC and PDF
Interact with spreadsheets and Word and PDF documents. Extracts and stores information in databases.
Accurate, efficient and agile processes.
Optimizes resources to the maximum and improves internal and external customer satisfaction.
Training and support in Spanish
We have an online academy and agile technical support in Latin America.
At everyone's reach
It is within the reach of any type of company, regardless of its size or sector. Any area of an organization can create its own robots.
See how simple it is to automate with STELA