Intelligent automation that drives immediate results

Build digital robots agilely, 80% faster, without code and with the help of powerful AI.

Get to know STELA RPA Process Automation
Get to know STELA TEST Test Automation
STELA Automation made simple. Creación de robots digitales para automatizar pruebas y RPA

Companies accelerating their results with STELA

Automate with STELA

Facilitates innovation and productivity in all areas of your organization

Zero code, the simplest platform to use.

40% faster than other tools

Computer vision allows auto-heal and saves up to 65% of maintenance time

AI that builds digital robots saving more than 80% of construction time

Varias pesonas usando STELA Automation Made Simple

More Profitable: one subscription for two dimensions Test and Process Automation - RPA

STELA Automation made simple - Quality Assurance, RPA

Works on multiple browsers.

It allows the reuse of automations which reduces construction time.

Flexible integration with various databases, systems and environments.

For all types of companies regardless of size.

Varias personas usando STELA Automation Made Simple

Automate mobile and web applications without paying more.

Unlimited users and processes.

Automate Visual Basic desktop applications or legacy applications in Oracle Forms.

Scalable platform to make the organization more profitable.

Ejecutivos mirando los resultados de STELA Automation made simple.

STELA frees your employees from repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on more important assignments.

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