Intelligent Software Test Automation

Easily eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate the delivery of your digital projects.

When is it time to automate your testing?

Enterprises must continuously transform their offerings and ensure application and system quality. Maintaining this momentum is only possible with software test automation, which reduces costs, expands coverage, increases accuracy, and accelerates agile development and innovation.

Faster QA results needed

STELA multiplies the work capacity of the test team by up to 80% without the need to hire specialized personnel.

There are instances of repetitive testing.

STELA frees employees from routine testing, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Constant failures and unstable applications

STELA provides detailed reports for rapid troubleshooting. Maximizes the number and coverage of tests to dramatically reduce risk and defects.

Regression failures due to frequent updates

STELA quickly validates application integrity with end-to-end testing, facilitating a variety of scenarios with the required consistency and accuracy.

Need to run multiple tests and increase coverage

Building digital assistants that work 24/7 is 60% faster with STELA. Its rapid learning curve maximizes productivity.

Multi-platform testing is required

STELA automates on multiple platforms to ensure performance on web, mobile or desktop versions.

Working under DevOps methodologies

By implementing DevOps with STELA, your team is equipped with a state-of-the-art tool that can be easily integrated into your CI/CD environment, allowing you to test in the early stages with an agile approach.

Need to go into production faster

STELA delivers results in a short time and in the early stages of development, saving time and resources to achieve management efficiencies in the range of 40% to 70%.

Test automation within everyone's reach. The most user-friendly solution that integrates generative AI to simplify automated test creation.

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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