STELA and DevOps

The perfect formula to automate testing and accelerate software projects

STELA is an innovative platform that allows to perform automated software testing in a simple way without the need to dedicate specialized resources and support the DevOps process.

DevOps is an IT practice born with the cloud, where the development and operation team collaborates to increase the production of IT projects and accelerate the development lifecycle. This agile methodology was designed to improve the quality of software solutions, focusing on the premise that everything should be automated, by adapting the infrastructure to a more participatory and integrated ecosystem for the optimization of workflows, where testing is absolutely strategic.

Simplicity, agility and innovation

DevOps allows you to improve implementation times of new services and functionalities through the automation of application development, testing and deployment cycles. Simple tasks are created through the automation of complex processes using tools, platforms and cloud services.

Benefits of DevOps and Automation

  • Task automation. Definition of access, roles and monitoring.
  • Resource portability between cloud, development and production environments.
  • Frequent programming of code releases.
  • Greater visibility and transparency in the infrastructure.
  • Replicable, probable and visible deployments and configurations.
  • Fast implementation of services that generate greater value to the business.

How does STELA contribute to DEVOPS?

STELA is a platform that automates testing in a simple way, without the need for programming, allowing companies to perform a much more agile development cycle, less expensive because it does not require specialized personnel and drives the implementation of DevOps by accelerating the testing processes.

In a clear and simple way, STELA allows to describe the actions to be performed on a software application. The test cases are created from instructions that are simple to learn and use, which are then transformed by the platform into programming language and sentences. The cases are stored, so they can be executed on demand, reusing the tests, with a minimum effort in maintenance. Being among others, a very efficient answer for regression test cases.

The platform keeps a record of the executions carried out and their results are notified to the stakeholders, providing clear, precise and actionable evidence that enables the audit and diagnosis of the detected failures. This evidence includes screenshots and/or videos with the findings to correct the process.

The ease of use of STELA allows it to be successfully used by personnel with no programming knowledge, putting a powerful tool such as automation within reach of everyone and of any type and size of company.

How does STELA contribute to DEVOPS?

  • Powerful help to DevOps by the agility with which it allows to automate.
  • Automate tests, without resorting to programmers.
  • Empower the test team with a powerful and easy-to-implement tool.
  • A single platform to automate testing on mobile, desktop and web applications.
  • Improved diagnostic and fault detection capabilities in applications.
  • Agile release of secure and reliable applications that contribute to the achievement of objectives.
  • Include automated tests in Continuous Integration engines.
  • It is supported by Open Source technologies.

By implementing the DevOps and STELA formula, a specialized team with state-of-the-art tools is empowered, deep, complete and effective tests are performed, project management focused on results and a deep evaluation that delivers actionable information is achieved. In addition, companies gain in productivity, optimizing an average of 70% of resources, since the time that engineers spend manually testing can be used for activities in which employees can provide greater value.

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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