How to automate software testing easily?

In this article we show you how to automate your software testing easily to improve the quality of your developments and ensure that they can be released providing a good experience for users and customers.

With the commitment to make automation available to any type of company and to make automation an increasingly simple and agile task, at Software Testing Bureau, we work every day to implement new features and improvements to STELA, nour test automation and RPA tool, which does not require programming.

STELA has unique attributes that greatly facilitate the automation of processes and favor time savings in the construction and execution of test cases. The purpose is to enable the adoption of the DEVOPS methodology that accelerates the implementation of reliable and competitive solutions.

Its interface and a simple language (Zero Code), allow maximizing the scope of the tests, since it is a tool that can be used not only by programmers, but also by functional profiles. Thus, functional roles from IT, commercial, project, innovation or administrative areas can build robots to test critical business paths.

In this way, testing contributes to the consistency of the developments from early stages, and from the specific needs of the different areas of an organization, with the great advantage of independence in the use and management of the tool.

Main benefits that make STELA a tool that empowers Quality teams:
  1. STELA has the ability to automate applications that involve more than one technology, in the same project and in the same execution. This allows for example to automate flows that start in a web application and continue in a mobile application.
  2. You can handle a variety of scenarios and reuse automations to save time and effort, being able to solve different situations in the project. It is also possible to reuse tests by varying only the data, thus generating different test cases, alternative flows or mass data, so imagine all the time you can save!
  3. Reports and reports of results that indicate failures and opportunities for improvement useful for empowering Quality teams. With STELA you can have more precision in correcting software faults. As they facilitate the accuracy in diagnosing the detected fault. STELA provides the evidence in a series of reports and videos that allow in-depth analysis of the situation and step-by-step analysis of the detected bug. By using different data sets in the same test case, it is possible to be very accurate in the diagnosis of problematic situations. This input is of great value to the test teams as it allows them to provide timely information to the teams.
  4. Flexibility in the recognition of elements. STELA recognizes UI elements and interacts with them through their properties. However, in some cases it is possible to implement recognition by their image or interact with some elements based on their position on the screen. This flexibility allows solving complex situations that could not be addressed by traditional recognition methods.
  5. It has the ability to process and extract information from PDF and Word text files.
  6. It has a more efficient way of processing Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to extract and save data in spreadsheets.
  7. It has a wide range of supported databases, being able to develop interactions with databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, MariaDb, Postgre and any other with JDBC interface.
  8. Application automation capabilities were expanded, at no additional cost. STELA currently supports the following technologies:
    • WEB Applications
    • Windows desktop applications
    • Mobile Applications (Android and iOS).
    • Mobile applications from your installation file.
    • Mobile applications already installed.
    • Web applications to run on devices.
    • Oracle Forms Applications
    • Java Swing Applications
    • SAP Business One
  9. You have the possibility to run tests on device farms in the cloud. (Browserstack). In order to scale the tests to different types of devices and versions without requiring investment in emulators or physical devices.
  10. Close and agile support, with documentation and training in Spanish. In addition to having a team of consultants who will be at your service to solve integration and construction of the bots.

  11. With STELA we are making work simpler, digital transformation projects can be tested and validated faster and in the early stages of development. We minimize operational risks, reduce costs, increase profits, efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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