Technology and daily life

8 skills that every QA leader should haveHave you ever thought about how much time it takes you to perform repetitive tasks? Without realizing it, we often end up spending a large part of our day on this type of work. But what we do not realize is that time is one of the most valuable resources we have and we cannot waste it in tasks that do not let us demonstrate our qualities. That is why at Software Testing Bureau we firmly believe that incorporating technology in our daily life tasks can bring great benefits to organizations and their members.

Many of the tasks we perform on a daily basis end up being summarized in a repetition of actions or processes, a copy and paste and the interaction and loading of extensive spreadsheets or databases. But these tasks, although they are important for the operation of a company, do they really allow us to contribute intellectual value to the company? The people behind these spreadsheets are people with many qualities and ideas, and the organization is not taking advantage of the potential of its resources.

By incorporating robotic process automation (RPA), repetitive actions are left aside, since they are performed by a system or a software robot capable of interacting with spreadsheets, programs, can load data, and operate applications just like a person does. This way you and your team can dedicate your time to strategic tasks for the business. The only thing you have to do is to build the flow of that process in an automation tool, once, then that same process is executed as many times as you want, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if necessary. The robot will be in charge of performing those cumbersome tasks. In this way you will not only be taking advantage of your capabilities and those of your team to the maximum, but you will be saving valuable time to accelerate other projects, the delivery of reports or results will be much more agile and accurate.

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