The importance of knowing how to choose an RPA tool

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time it takes you and your team to perform the same tasks on the computer during the workday, every day? In a world that is moving faster and faster, process automation has become a necessity for companies and individuals who want to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Robotic Process Automation "(RPA)" tools offer a number of features and advantages to drive the digital transformation of organizations. There are many options on the market, so in this article we will explore their key features and show you what you need to consider to choose the right one.

An RPA tool is software designed to emulate and automate repetitive tasks performed by humans in digital systems. These allow organizations to automate manual and rules-based processes, which helps increase efficiency, reduce errors and free up people's time to focus on more strategic tasks.

What should you consider before choosing an RPA tool?

– Be very clear about the objectives you want to achieve with automation.

– Define the process flow and inputs associated with the execution of the task.

– Compare the scope of the pre-selected tools with the requirements of the process to be automated.

– Identify the scalability you will need over time.

STELA: democratic, sustainable and scalable over time

The democratization of automation is a crucial aspect of driving digital transformation in organizations. STELA, is the tool developed by Software Testing Bureau, and stands out for offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows any user, even without programming skills, to create and manage their own automation robots.

Thanks to its user-centric approach, STELA reduces the gap between technical teams and business users, easing the learning curve and allowing all employees to actively participate in the automation process. This encourages the adoption of automation throughout the organization and ensures that every department can benefit from its advantages.

The best selection in Cost-Benefit ratio

When one thinks of RPA, it is usually immediately associated with high investment figures. Some tools on the market indicate a fairly inexpensive start-up ticket that, over time, increases considerably depending on the resources that need to be included or the functions that need to be improved.

It doesn't work like that with STELA. Our tool offers a subscription model that adapts to the needs of the company. By imposing no limits in terms of automated processes, number of users or robots deployed, it allows for flexible scaling as the organization grows and evolves. Unlike other RPA solutions that increase in cost based on future requirements, with STELA companies can take full advantage of the power of automation for the value of their initial investment and without worrying about restrictions or the need to access more expensive plans.

The tool is designed to adapt to technological changes and the changing demands of the business environment, ensuring its relevance and usefulness over time.

Available for all areas, processes and people required by the company.

There are many solutions on the market, but STELA is the only one that is designed for everyone. It is a zero-code tool that requires no programming, so anyone can build their own digital assistant without relying on technicians or IT areas.

NO programming required, intuitive user interface
Everyone can automate. The same people who perform the process can create their own robot.
Extracts and stores information in databases and Excel, PDF and many other files. Interacts with various web and desktop applications.
Provides evidence and actionable reports that facilitate process auditing and error discovery

Reduce el 80% de costos y tiempo con STELA

Its user-centric approach and limitless subscription model democratizes automation, allowing companies of all sizes and industries to benefit from the efficiency and productivity it offers.

STELA RPA, Latin American technology within reach of the budgets of Latin American companies:

No hidden costs. Pay your subscription once and enjoy its benefits without limits.
Optimizes resources to the maximum with an average savings of 80%.
Improve internal and external customer satisfaction with more agile and flawless processes.
Close support, super agile, with resources and training in Spanish.
Scale your automated processes to the size you need without additional costs

Guarantee your investment and don't worry about future cost overruns by working with the tool your team needs.

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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