Plugin STELA Inspector

For STELA it is a constant challenge to provide solutions that positively impact the productivity of companies. The slogan is to make the automation of software or process testing available to everyone and become a strategic ally to improve productivity and maximize results in a more agile, cost-effective and less effort.

A feature of STELA to facilitate the construction of automations is its plug - in STELA INSPECTOR, with which you can recognize and identify, with just one click, the properties of the interface of a web application with which you need to interact to build the automation.

With STELA INSPECTOR, what used to take minutes can now be done easily and quickly, without the need to read or interpret the HTML of the page, making the process of creating the digital robot even easier.

Correctly identifying each interface element with STELA INSPECTOR, avoids cumbersome actions that used to require some training and also reduces the margin of error by accessing these properties correctly and accurately.

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Simply activate an extension in the browser and with a single click the element to be identified for automation is recognized by STELA INSPECTOR and is available to be added to the automation design interface in STELA.