Intelligent software test automation

Quick and easy to eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate the results of your digital projects

You want us to automate your tests

Easy: The best user experience.
Agile: Allows you to go to market faster.
Productive: Maximizes team results.

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With STELA we take care of creating your first automations, you will see how quickly the results of your digital transformation projects accelerate.

Zero code

The best user experience. Functional and technical profiles can build automations agilely.


Saves 80% of time compared to manual testing. It is much easier to use than other tools with programming or low code, it maximizes the ability to do more tests in less time.

Intelligent Automation

Generative artificial intelligence to help you create automation just by expressing flows in natural language (descriptive document with each step of the flow)

Efficient and cost-effective

The only tool with no limit of users, no limit of automations, at the most convenient price automates web, mobile and desktop applications.

STELA empowers QA teams with state-of-the-art technology that accelerates and enhances innovation projects

Artificial Intelligence
Multi-platform and user
Zero code

No programming is required, just drag and drop commands and objects to define the flows to be automated.

Its AI processes natural language to create automations following the instructions defined in a document or through voice.

It promotes the citizen developer concept, democratizing the possibility that functional profiles can also automate.

STELA ejemplo robot digital para automatizar pruebas y RPA
Intuitive graphical interface

STELA is user-friendly with the best user experience, facilitating the creation of bots with simple navigation.

Robot digital de STELA para automatizar pruebas y RPA. Se muestra la facilidad para documentar el robot usando etiquetas
Easy learning curve

Allows users to focus on creating and executing tests, rather than dealing with the tool itself.

Ejecutivos usando STELA para crear robots digitales para automatizar pruebas y RPA

Machine vision for change recognition and self-healing, ensuring that tests remain current and effective even as the software evolves.

Visión artificial de STELA muestra como la IA permite detectar elementos en la pantalla

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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