STELA: The Latin American tool that will revolutionize access to Artificial Intelligence

Creating robots just by SAYING what you want them to do might seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but STELA, the company that 6 years ago manufactured Latin America's first zero-code test and process automation tool, is embarking on an innovative artificial intelligence project promoted by the ANII, (Latin America's National Artificial Intelligence Initiative). the National Agency for Research and Innovation of the Uruguayan government that bets on genuine and potentially paradigm-changing projects.

Much has been said in recent years about Artificial Intelligence and automation, but how to enable companies in Latin America to see the implementation of these technologies as tangible, simple and necessary projects for the business, has been the approach of Guillermo Talento, CEO of STELA, for which technology should be available on equal terms to all people.

While it is expected that in the coming years more than 53% of organizations in the world will have to implement some automated flow with next-generation technologies, it is determined that the statistics cited by Gartner, responds mainly to the state of maturity of companies in North America, Asia and Europe, so making this indicator has a higher component and impact on the Latin American market is the purpose of Guillermo Talento and his team with the development of new capabilities in STELA, framed in the project promoted by the Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay.

With this new project we will make available to companies in Latin America a tool for robotic automation of processes and tests, which in the fastest and simplest way imaginable, will reduce the gap of technological development and productive capacity of any business" explains the Commercial Manager of STELA, Carina Cheres.

It was this need to facilitate technological development in the region that inspired the creation of STELA. To rethink the way of working and make the work of any individual more human when faced with repetitive tasks such as those of a robot. STELA STELA allows anyone, even those who do not know how to program, the possibility of creating a digital robot to interact with software applications and systems as they do in their daily lives. With the new version that is being developed with the support of ANII, it will be even easier to access it. This tool solves one of the great challenges in Latin America, which is the lack of technical personnel and the high cost of implementing manual tests and processes.


The ANII-supported project is being developed by a team highly skilled in Artificial Intelligence implementation. The objective is to evolve the capabilities of STELA through the understanding of human language, i.e. the tool will allow users to generate automations from instructions described in natural language (NLP - Natural Language Processing). Therefore, with STELA, creating digital robots will be as simple as verbally indicating the series of steps and process flows that need to be automated or describing these actions in a document.


“Our purpose is to increase the simplicity of use of STELA and expand the base of people able to use the technology to create robots in an agile way. We seek to further democratize the benefits and access to this very effective technology to medium and small companies in any industry" says Guillermo Talento, and adds "With this development we want to be one of the first to use natural language processing in Spanish in automation tools”.

With the new project and the properties that STELA already incorporates, the tool is positioned as the most user-friendly solution, within the reach of local industry budgets and capable of multiplying the profitability of companies, facilitating the work of the teams, as well as the quality of software developments and business processes.

See how simple it is to automate with STELA

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