100% reusable testing, 60% faster testing

The financial sector in the development of its business is constantly evolving its systems and solutions. STELA is the best partner in regression testing.

With the growing demand for financial services driven by inclusion initiatives and digital transformation processes, Banco República opted to automate its functional testing with STELA. This allowed them to optimize their resources exponentially. Saving approximately 70% of the time previously spent on manual testing. With the automated testing project, they were able to minimize the risks associated with the implementation of new projects in the production environment.

BROU's Operational Transformation management appreciates the level of participation obtained from the Bank's users in the functional test automation framework. They have developed a high commitment to the results of each of the projects and based on the visible results obtained in the short term. The Bank's critical application testing was automated at both the transaction and data level, with full business cycles without the need for user intervention. Users have adapted to the way of working by allowing the robot to program and execute various regression tests on the different scenarios without the need for their physical presence, with only the provision of data being necessary. The automated regression tests are 100% repeatable and are run every time the robot goes into production.

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