The evidence that accelerates productivity

A more robust and bug-free ERP for the construction sector, the reports provided by STELA helped to quickly identify failures and manage opportunities for improvement.

With more than 1,500 customers in Latin America, SINCO is positioned as an ERP that enables comprehensive management, especially in the real estate, construction and road infrastructure sectors.

Their solution is 100% online, which is essential to provide agile responses with adequate performance and functionality.

After extensive research, they chose STELA as a test automation tool, ideal for more consistent regression testing, saving time and freeing the team from very operational tasks to focus on analysis.

They have been using STELA since 2019 and have since taken full advantage of its ability to reuse automations in each client, maximizing the profitability of their projects and the speed of execution of each client's test plans.

In this way SINCO has benefited:

  • Significant savings in personnel costs.
  • Significant savings in personnel costs.
  • Greater clarity in the defects found
  • Greater clarity in the defects found
  • Faster delivery of quality projects.

What they value most about the tool is the ease of finding defects through actionable evidence that details the defects found and the opportunities for improvement.

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Jane Cooper
CEO of Ipsum Company

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