Logotivo de Geninazzi para Stela RPA

Customer and supplier satisfaction with automated invoicing

The accounting team can focus on strategic tasks, since the invoicing process that used to take 3 days was accomplished in 3 hours with STELA.

GN Contadores is a firm of professionals founded in 2003 with the objective of providing consulting services in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Tax, Labor and Business Management.

GN began automating their monthly invoicing processes in early 2022. Previously this task was performed by part of the team, but they noticed that these were very repetitive processes and that they could be dedicating their valuable human resources to other more strategic tasks for the business.

What used to take them 3 days, with STELA RPA they were able to do in 4 hours. The learning curve of the tool was very short for the GN Contadores team. Functional profiles were able to create automations in a few hours.

Automation led them:

  • Rethink your processes
  • Save time and money
  • Improving efficiency/li>

Today GN is not only a customer of STELA but also a partner. Seeing the results of automation in their processes, they decided to extend its benefits to their customers.

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