Better tested services and a more productive QA team

They chose STELA because it is easy to use, can be automated by business-oriented
functional analysts, and reduces rework by 35%.

Transfiriendo is a Colombian company with presence in Argentina and Ecuador that integrates processes and information through technological solutions that facilitate the entire value chain between a company and the end user.

Under the Citizen Developer concept, STELA gives the QA team the ability to automate their tests without writing a single line of code, being able to define what each software robot must do to execute complete regression test cases that are very complex, fundamental, but very tiring and tedious when performed manually.
STELA has been instrumental in consistently scaling very robust solutions and providing peace of mind to all its customers.

What motivates them to use STELA not only for testing but also for RPA is its ease of use, agility and proven quality of development. With the ability to automate functional profiles, TRANSFIRIENDO also uses STELA to automate processes in other business areas, noting fast results and easy maintenance at every stage of development.

"Since we have been using STELA, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, we value very much the proximity and agility in the support, their always ready service" .

Tatiana García Tavera,
QA leader of Transfiriendo.

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